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Study Nurse Einsteiger ICH/GCP-1-Tages Kurs in ENGLISH (E-LEARNING)

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Self-paced learning (no time constraints) ✓ 
Variety through listening and reading selections ✓ 
Presentations are available for download ✓

You can expect to complete the entire course in approximately 8 instructional units, with each unit lasting about 45 minutes, depending on your learning pace.

Our 1-day ICH/GCP fundamentals course is recommended for anyone with a medical background who wants to advance to become a Study Nurse.

What does "GCP" stand for anyway? 
GCP stands for Good Clinical Practice, an international ethical and scientific standard governing the planning, conduct, documentation, and reporting of clinical trials involving human subjects. These guidelines provide specific rules to ensure the quality of studies and the safety of participants. They were developed by the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH), a coalition of multiple countries advocating for standardisation and harmonisation in pharmaceutical regulation.

With us, you will be thoroughly and practically prepared for your role as a Study Nurse! 
Our speaker Daniela is an experienced Study Nurse herself and will provide you with the fundamentals of clinical research in a refreshing and understandable manner. She will introduce you to the process and conduct of clinical trials and explain all relevant tasks and responsibilities. To make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible, the individual lessons alternate between reading material, audio, and video recordings. You decide when, where, and at what pace you go through the lessons!

In the end, you will have a strong understanding that will give you the confidence to navigate your new role as a beginner!

After a small knowledge quiz, you will receive a participation certificate from us, which is recognized in clinical research by national and international sponsors.


Pssst... Pay attention! A little extra: You have the opportunity to book a practical instruction session with our experienced Study Nurses at your location afterwards. This could be beneficial if your employer has restricted resources for your training or if a significant project is ongoing and you require assistance during initial stages.

Make your start as relaxed as possible!

We are here for you! ♥


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